Yey!! I’ve finally created my account (yes, I know, just now huhu) I’ll be returning to this blog soon when I have a few things in mind to write, I won’t keep you guys hanging!! :> <!–BEGIN HYPE WIDGET–><script src=”; type=”text/javascript”></script><script src=””></script><div id=”hype_container_4837585″></div><!–END HYPE WIDGET–>     *EDIT* It seems like the widget […]

Day 5 – Laid Back

October 15, 2012 Get-up: red checkered polo, black cami, shorts, sneaks Today was a fundae! It’s already our semestral break, and I wasn’t too much worked out on what I should wear: the simpler, the better. Also, we had volleyball night, so I didn’t want to have too much clothes/shoes to bring with me. 🙂 We’re […]

Day 2 – Bats All Over

GAHHHHHH LATE POST!!! This was meant for October 12, 2012. SORRY! Get-up: Cropped Batman Top + Gray shorts + Grunge Sneakies After a suuuuuper short shoot (which came out of nowhere), I went to school. I was supposed to be part of an impromptu group discussion with my Theater11 classmate Ella, but I guess it was called off since […]