Day 3 & 4 – Mesmerize Me, Athlete


October 13, 2012 – October 14, 2012

** I shall change le photos once I have gotten the pics of my other outfit from last night/a while ago 😀 **

On the afternoon of October 13, 2012, I was a player. Nothing fashionable, just me wearing our Interclass Tournament t-shirt, and my jersey shorts. Rubbershoes on, we played for our team, “The Anothers” in our league. And yes, it was quite an easy game, though the ball wasn’t really in the favor of us “kids”. We played on ’til evening, and I had my regular Vnight (Volleyball Night) at Ateneo De Manila University for my org, BUT I wasn’t able to make it on time. (d’awwww 😦 huhu)

On the evening of October 13, 2012 ’til the dawn of October 14, 2012, I was a lady. Well I looked so much like a lady. Lol. Gray fitted long sleeves, shorts and brown suede heels (not mine 😛 Thank you Ycha ♥) Make-up on, I was ready to partyyyyyy!!!
All thanks to AIT’s Tourism Class’ party, “Surf’s UP: Siargao” the semester ended WILD!


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