Day 2 – Bats All Over

GAHHHHHH LATE POST!!! This was meant for October 12, 2012. SORRY!


Cropped Batman Top + Gray shorts + Grunge Sneakies

After a suuuuuper short shoot (which came out of nowhere), I went to school. I was supposed to be part of an impromptu group discussion with my Theater11 classmate Ella, but I guess it was called off since she never contacted me. What I did instead was attended our org’s general assembly at 4. I felt childish so I decided to put this look together. Too much Batman on me, I know, but Batsman will be Batsman. I was supposed to hand this top over to my friend Jollie WAY WAY WAY before, since I promised this as a thing to trade for her jersey, which I have stored in my closet anyway. This top got bored in my closet, I guess, so I just brought it out of its miserable hiding place. The shorts I had on were a bit loose for me, so it was weird having skin show on the “cropped” parts of the top. ’twas okay tho. But one thing that bothered be with this top is that it made my arms look bigger. Gahhhhh it’s big enough with muscles (ugh) but it made me more muscular than expected… o_o What I liked most was the grunge sneaks. It’s one of my personal favorites, since it’s very comfy to wear around campus, around anywhere I think, and it’s personalized by moi. I have two pairs of the said shoes, of different designs of course. It’s not one of the original pairings though, I just switched the shoes =))) for my right shoe, it’s covered in Batman colors, has the logo on it, has stars on the side and has yellow laces (replaced the white ones). For my left shoe, it’s more plain; “I ♥ MUSTACHE“, and a few grunge here and there. Replaced the shoelace for a shoelace with an inverted piano design. Hoorayyyyyyyyy!!!

Rate: 7/10!


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