Day 1 – Riding Ruff

My first post on a new wordpress blog ā™„ Hooray!

This post marks the start of my “daily before-or-after-school” photo diary. Kekeke CRAPPY WEBCAM PHOTO IS CRAPPY. I wish I had a better camera… šŸ˜¦

Anyways! Here was my get-up:

Denim Levi’s Vest + Ribbed Black Sleeveless Top + Denim Shorts + Caterpillar Work Boots + A few ballers & bangles.

I’m getting the hang of the looks people throw at me whenever I’m outside. #ohyeahhhh Weird? Outspoken? Exaggerated? Who cares?! If I wanna dress up this way, I will! ā™„ If only it was reasonable to go to school wearing cosplay costumes, I would, but then it would be too awkward to move around and have people ask if they can take a picture of/with you while running to class, right? Also, MAJOR HASSLE. And I don’t have a lot of costumes at the moment. šŸ˜›

Anyways, it’s my first time to try out this look. Gives off a country girl aura. I like how the combination of big work boots + shorts go well. It made my legs look a bit longer. The vest didn’t show those “curves” at my sides but still gives a bit of sexy factor since it was unbuttoned, and since it’s a vest… sleeveless.

RATE! 9/10 :-bd
– It was a comfortable outfit, not too much hot. šŸ™‚

How would you guys rate it? :>


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